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    • Swimming In a Crystal 

      Brown, Aidan T; Vladescu, Ioana D; Dawson, Angela; Vissers, Teun; Schwarz-Linek, Jana; Lintuvuori, Juho S; Poon, Wilson CK
      We study catalytic Janus particles and Escherichia coli bacteria swimming in a two-dimensional colloidal crystal. The Janus particles orbit individual colloids and hop between colloids stochastically, with a hopping rate ...
    • Symmetry operators Mathematica notebook 

      Backdahl, Thomas (2014-04-17)
      This is a collection of files intended for verification of the results in the paper Andersson, L, Bäckdahl, T, Blue, P, "Second order symmetry operators", (2014) arXiv:1402.6252 [gr-qc] to appear in Class. Quantum Grav.
    • Temperature and Pressure dependence of gas permeation in PIMEATB(H2) 

      Lasseuguette, Elsa
      Gas transport properties of PIM-EA(H2)-TB, a microporous Tröger’s base polymer, over a range of pressure and temperature. Permeability coefficients of pure CO2, N2, CH4 and H2 were determined for upstream pressures up to ...
    • TeraWatt North Atlantic spectral wave model input files (for MIKE 21) 

      Venugopal, Vengatesan
      NORTH ATLANTIC MIKE 21 MODEL INPUT FILES This submission includes the input files for the North Atlantic spectral wave model that is described in [1,2]. It formed part of the TeraWatt and EcoWatt2050 EPSRC projects ...
    • Test Structures for the Characterisation of Sensor Packaging Technology 

      Blair, Ewen O
      This dataset corresponds to a conference paper which presents three test structures targeted at characterising sensor packaging materials for liquid environments. The test structures enable the evaluation of: 1) the ...
    • ThBisImido 

      Arnold, Polly L
      Molecules containing actinide-nitrogen multiple bonds are of current interest as simple models for new actinide nitride nuclear fuels, and potential catalytic activation of inert hydrocarbon C-H bonds. Molecules with ...
    • Theory of high pressure hydrogen, made simple / AIRAPT 2015 data 

      Magdau, Ioan; Ackland, Graeme J
      We report molecular dynamics calculations for Phase I of hydrogen which show that all the phase transitions can be understood in a classical model with simple treatment of exchange-correlation. We present code for a simple ...
    • Thermodynamics of the Stockmayer fluid in an applied field 

      Camp, Philip
      These files contain original simulation data for Figures 1-6, and Figure 8: virial coefficients are from Mayer-sampling simulations; equations of state are from molecular dynamics simulations. All theoretical lines can ...
    • Thesis Material - Rasmus Dall 

      Dall, Rasmus
      Data released in relation to the PhD thesis of Rasmus Dall. This contains: 1. Thesis pdf. 2. Released parallel corpora of read and spontaneous speech suitable for speech synthesis. 3. Experimental Data to enable ...
    • Thimido 

      Arnold, Polly L
      Please see abstract.docx.
    • Thiourea Bismuth Iodide: Crystal structure, Characterization and High Performance as an Electrode Material for Supercapacitors 

      Li, Tianyue; Mallows, John; Adams, Keir; Nichol, Gary; Thijssen, Job; Robertson, Neil
      This paper reports on the synthesis, crystal structure and application of a novel hybrid bismuth-halide complex: (CN2SH5)3BiI6 (TBI) for supercapacitor applications, featuring merits including high areal capacitance, low ...
    • Three illustrated land use visions of Europe for 2040 

      Metzger, Marc J; Paterson, James; Scriberia
      The continuously growing global demands on a finite land resource will require better strategic policies and management of trade-offs to avoid conflicts between different land-use sectors. Visions of the future can support ...
    • Time-of-day of blood feeding: effects on mosquito life history and malaria transmission 

      O'Donnell, Aidan J; Rund, Sam SC; Reece, Sarah E
      Biological rhythms allow organisms to compartmentalise and coordinate aspects of their life with the predictable daily rhythms of their environment. There is increasing recognition that understanding the biological rhythms ...
    • Top-Down Protein Electron Capture Dissociation Mass Spectrometry Datasets 

      Hughes, Sam; Clarke, David
      Top-down electron capture dissociation (ECD) fragmentation datasets for several widely available commerical protein samples. All data were collected on a 12T SolariX FT-ICR mass spectrometer (Bruker Daltonics); and data ...
    • Towards a unified description of the rheology of hard-particle suspensions 

      Guy, BM; Hermes, M; Poon, Wilson CK
      The rheology of suspensions of Brownian, or colloidal, particles (diameter~$d \lesssim 1~\mu$m) differs markedly from that of larger grains ($d \gtrsim 50~\mu$m). Each of these two regimes has been separately studied, but ...
    • Triangulating Context Lemmas 

      McLaughlin, Craig; McKinna, James; Stark, Ian
      Agda formalisation to accompany the paper "Triangulating Context Lemmas" by Craig McLaughlin, James McKinna and Ian Stark. DOI 10.1145/3167081.
    • Tunable Shear Thickening in Suspensions 

      Lin, Neil; Ness, Christopher; Cates, Mike E; Sun, Jin; Cohen, Itai
      Shear thickening, an increase of viscosity with shear rate, is a ubiquitous phenomena in suspended materials that has implications for broad technological applications. Controlling this thickening behavior remains a major ...
    • Two-scale evolution during shear reversal in dense suspensions 

      Ness, Christopher; Sun, Jin
      Matlab data files used to plot the figures in a paper titled "Two-scale evolution during shear reversal in dense suspensions".
    • UK Research Software Survey 2014 

      Hettrick, Simon; Antonioletti, Mario; Carr, Les; Chue Hong, Neil; Crouch, Stephen; De Roure, David; Emsley, Iain; Goble, Carole; Hay, Alexander; Inupakutika, Devasena; Jackson, Mike; Nenadic, Aleksandra; Parkinson, Tim; Parsons, Mark I; Pawlik, Aleksandra; Peru, Giacomo; Proeme, Arno; Robinson, John; Sufi, Shoaib
      This spreadsheet contains the anonymised data collected as part of a survey of UK researchers in their use of research software. We asked people specifically about “research software” which we defined as: “Software ...
    • UltraSuite Repository - sample data 

      Eshky, Aciel; Ribeiro, Manuel Sam; Cleland, Joanne; Renals, Steve; Richmond, Korin; Roxburgh, Zoe; Scobbie, James; Wrench, Alan
      UltraSuite is a repository of ultrasound and acoustic data from child speech therapy sessions. The current release includes three data collections, one from typically developing children -- Ultrax Typically Developing ...