The mission of the Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine is to use genetics and genomics to understand the mechanisms of disease and inform novel intervention strategies. The centre's researchers undertake detailed studies of populations, families and individuals to study a wide range of health related conditions, using state-of-the-art genetic, epigenetic, genomic, statistical, computational, biological and molecular approaches.

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  • Generation Scotland SFHS Data Dictionary 

    Campbell, Archie; Kerr, Shona; Porteous, David
    The GS:SFHS Data Dictionary is a set of information describing the contents, format, and structure of the phenotype data collected during recruitment (2006-2011) to the Generation Scotland Scottish Family Health Study ...
  • Generation Scotland: Donor DNA Databank 

    Kerr, Shona; Porteous, David; Campbell, Archie
    The Generation Scotland Donor DNA Databank (GS:3D) phenotype was collected from consented blood donors by questionnaire and relates to 4,998 healthy control DNA samples and plasma.