The research group led by Professor J Paul Attfield is based at the Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions (CSEC). Research interests include:

  • Synthesis, structural studies, and property measurements for electronic materials such as transition metal oxides;
  • High pressure-high temperature synthesis;
  • Use of synchrotron x-ray and neutron diffraction facilities to determine long range and local atomic structures, and associated charge, orbital or magnetic orders;
  • Low temperature measurements, sometimes at high pressures, used to explore (super)conducting and magnetic properties.

Prof J Paul Attfield's research

Items in this Collection

  • Orbital molecules in the new spinel GaV2O4 

    Attfield, J Paul; Browne, Alex
    Data to accompany; Orbital molecules in the new spinel GaV2O4 Alexander J. Browne, Calum Lithgow, Simon. A. J. Kimber, and J. Paul Attfield Inorg. Chem. 2018 Data are; cif files HRPD neutron data at various ...
  • Persistent three- and four-atom orbital molecules in the spinel AlV2O4 

    Attfield, J Paul
    Electronic instabilities in transition metal compounds may lead to ground states containing orbital molecules when direct metal-metal orbital interactions occur. The spinel AlV2O4 was reported to contain V717+ orbital ...
  • Ca Double Double and Double Triple Perovskites 

    Attfield, J Paul
    Complex Ferrimagnetism and Magnetoresistance Switching in Ca-based Double Double and Triple Double Perovskites. We have used high pressures and temperatures to synthesize the cation ordered AA′BB′O6 perovskites CaMnFeReO6, ...
  • MnFe3O5 ZAAC 2016 

    Attfield, John Paul; ERC - European Research Council
    Data from magnetisation and XRD measurements supporting Attfield JP et al 2016 ZAAC (Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie) (Accepted manuscript).
  • Hard-soft chemistry of Sr1-xCaxCrO3-δ solid solutions 

    Attfield, J Paul
    Raw data and cif refinement files for Rietveld analysis of powder X-ray diffraction data of the title compounds.
  • MnRMnSbO6 Angew Chem 2016 

    Attfield, J Paul
    Crystallographic data supporting the publication: "MnRMnSbO6" Attfield et al, Angew. Chem. (In Submission).
  • Mn2MnReO6 ChemComm2016 

    Attfield, J Paul
    Structural and magnetic data for Mn2MnReO6, supporting a paper submitted to Chemical Communications.
  • RCrO3-xNx ChemComm 2016 

    Attfield, J Paul
    Low temperature powder neutron diffraction data files and cif files used for crystal and magnetic structure refinements for RCrO3-xNx materials where R = La, Pr, Nd.
  • Natural magnetite ChemComm2016 

    Attfield, J Paul
  • BaCrO3-x JSSC 2015 

    Attfield, J Paul
  • Mn2FeReO6 Angew Chem 2015 

    Attfield, J Paul