Research into the processes of selection and mutation that are acting to shape genomes. It is well known that selection shapes the pattern of genomic changes that accumulate as populations diverge from a common ancestor, but it is becoming increasingly clear that variation in the pattern of new mutations can also generate superficially similar signals. Improved separation of these confounding evolutionary signatures is crucial if we are to understand how organisms evolve, and to relate contemporary genetic changes to human biology and disease.

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  • Lagging strand replication shapes the mutational landscape of the genome 

    Taylor, Martin; Kemp, Harriet; Marion de Procé, Sophie; Reijns, Martin; Ding, James; Jackson, Andrew
    The origin of mutations is central to understanding evolution and of key relevance to health. Variation occurs non-randomly across the genome, and mechanisms for this remain to be defined. Here we report that the 5' ends ...