The University of Edinburgh plays host to major clinical imaging research facilities based at the Queen's Medical Research Institute and the Western General Hospital. Facilities include significant image analysis and data management equipment, along with MRI scanners, PET scanners and a Cyclotron/Radiochemistry facility.

Edinburgh Imaging was established to bring together the imaging community across Edinburgh, to allow the sharing of knowledge, skills and facilities in order to advance biological knowledge from cradle to grave. Edinburgh Imaging is a virtual hub of expertise on medical imaging, pre-clinical imaging, neuroimaging for research, microscopy and imaging science education. Members of Edinburgh Imaging have worked together to develop the Edinburgh Imaging Academy (EIA), which is an online educational portal.

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  • BRAINS Imagebank

    Supplementary material for the BRAINS Imagebank
  • EEG

    contains software and datasets for EEG
  • Image Library

    Images generated by researchers at Edinburgh Imaging
  • Protocols

    Methods to be used in data collection and/or data analysis
  • Software

    Collection of software developed at Edinburgh Imaging

Recent Submissions

  • Best practice for fMRI displays, plots and colour maps 

    Pernet, Cyril; Madan, Christopher
    Sets of illustrations for best practices in displaying tomographic imaging data - applied here to functional MRI. Images either shows different ways to present the data or show various colour maps with luminance correction.
  • Structural, functional and metabolic brain differences between groups with opposite gender identity and sexual orientation. A systematic review on the neuroimaging literature up to 2018 

    Frigerio, Alberto; Ballerini, Lucia; Valdés Hernández, Maria del C
    Human sexuality is a complex reality, characterised by gender identity and sexual orientation. A widespread approach to study human sexuality is to compare groups with opposite sexual gender identity and sexual orientation ...
  • Gabapentin for the Management of Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women (GaPP1) 

    Horne, Andrew; Vincent, Katy; Pernet, Cyril
    This is a pilot study looking at the effect of Gabapentin in women with chronic pelvic pain. Participants were assigned at random to the placebo or the drug group. The design follows procedure of double blinding, i.e. ...
  • A Manual Segmentation Protocol for Cortical Gyri 

    Mikhael, Shadia; Mair, Grant; Pernet, Cyril
    This protocol provides a guideline for outlining the superior frontal gyrus (SFG), the supramarginal gyrus (SMG) and the cingulate gyrus (CG). It is based on a thorough revision of 2 atlases: (1) the Duvernoy atlas, a ...
  • Morphometric data for Edinburgh_NIH10 dataset - all package runs 

    Mikhael, Shadia; Pernet, Cyril
    This data consists of morphometric measurements for the 10 subjects of the Edinburgh_NIH10 dataset ( as well as Matlab code written to derive some statistics for these measurements. The ...
  • Morphometric data for Edinburgh_NIH10 dataset 

    Mikhael, Shadia; Pernet, Cyril
    This data consists of morphometric measurements for the 10 subjects of the Edinburgh_NIH10 dataset ( as well as Matlab code written to derive some statistics for these measurements. The ...
  • Masks2Metrics (M2M) 1.0: a Matlab tool for region-of-interest metrics 

    Mikhael, Shadia; Gray, Calum
    Masks2Metrics (M2M) is a Matlab based tool that is used to calculate 3 metrics for a given region-of-interest (ROI) in a 3D image: thickness, volume and surface area. While many software packages that automatically compute ...
  • Long-echo-time MR spectroscopic imaging in human brain at 1.5T and 3T 

    Thrippleton, Michael J; Parikh, Jehill P; Semple, Scott I K; Harris, Bridget A; Andrews, Peter J D; Wardlaw, Joanna M; Marshall, Ian
    Figures from article, "Variance components associated with long-echo-time MR spectroscopic imaging in human brain at 1.5T and 3T", accepted (December 2017) for publication in PlosONE. Figure 1 shows a brain slice and ...
  • Edinburgh_NIH10 

    Bastin, Mark E; Wardlaw, Joanna; Pernet, Cyril R; Mikhael, Shadia
    This data set contains 10 normal healthy subjects ('sub-001' to 'sub-010') from a larger NIH funded project (NIH grant R01 EB004155) investigating changes in water diffusion parameters with age. Subjects underwent structural ...
  • Cerebrovascular Reactivity MRI Protocol - Figures 

    Thrippleton, Michael; Shi, Yulu; Blair, Gordon; Hamilton, Iona; Waiter, Gordon; Schwarzbauer, Christian; Pernet, Cyril R; Andrews, Peter JD; Marshall, Ian; Doubal, Fergus; Wardlaw, Joanna
    Figures describing an MRI protocol, including tolerability and reproducibility, for measurement of cerebrovascular reactivity.
  • Summary of the open source clinical studies up to May 2017 that perform texture analyses on Dynamic Contrast Enhanced (DCE)-MRI 

    Valdés Hernández, Maria del C; González Castro, Victor
    This is a Table with the Results of the systematic search in PubMed and Web of Science of open source clinical studies published up to May 2017, where texture analysis has been used in the analysis of Dynamic Contract ...
  • Data extraction and analysis of the systematic search on gender differences on brain MRI structures and connectivity 

    Martin, Sarah; Valdés Hernández, Maria del C
    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an invaluable imaging technique used in medicine, generating images of structures inside the body. The images produced are used to examine almost any part of the body and are essential ...
  • Examples of Automated Cortical Parcellation 

    Mikhael, Shadia
    The figures presented show examples of anatomical variability and the resulting automated parcellation from different software (also included a diagram of our search for such software). Software packages for cortical ...
  • SUPERSEDED - Analysis of 4 Cortical Parcellation Protocols 

    Mikhael, Shadia
    ## This item has been superseded by the one which can be found at . ## Software packages for cortical parcellation generally combine tools which segment the brain into various regions, or ...
  • LIMO EEG v1.5 

    LIMO Team; Pernet, Cyril; Rousselet, Guillaume; Gaspar, Carl; Chauveau, Nicolas
    Magnetic- and electric-evoked brain responses have traditionally been analyzed by comparing the peaks or mean amplitudes of signals from selected channels and averaged across trials. More recently, tools have been developed ...
  • LIMO EEG Dataset 

    Guillaume, Rousselet
  • SUPERSEDED - Reference segmentations of white matter hyperintensities from a subset of 20 subjects scanned three consecutive years 

    Valdés Hernández, Maria del C
    SUPERSEDED - THIS ITEM HAS BEEN REPLACED BY This dataset contains structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-derived data from 20 participants enrolled in the Alzheimer’s ...
  • MRI Variability in a Rat Model of Stroke 

    Milidonis, Xenios; McCabe, Chris; Macrae, Mhairi I.; Sena, Emily S.; Macleod, Malcolm R.; Marshall, Ian
    This dataset contains T2-weighted MRI scans of 21 different Sprague-Dawley rats that were subjected to permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion, as part of a study assessing the influence of gender in the progression of ...
  • Right eye retinal SLO image 

    Cameron, James; MacGillivray, Tom; Dhillon, Bal; Chandran, Siddharthan
    Scanning laser ophthalmoscope (SLO) high-resolution image of a healthy right eye retina, focused on the optic nerve head, and also showing the retinal blood vessels and macula. Analysis of the retina and blood vessels ...
  • Hippocampal manual segmentation 

    Anblagan, Devasuda; Deary, Ian J; Wardlaw, Joanna
    When analyzing specific parts of the brain (here a region called the hippocampus, known to be involved in memory), it is often necessary to manually delineate these regions. The manual tracing here illustrates hippocampu ...

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