The Institute for Language, Cognition and Computation (ILCC) is dedicated to the pursuit of basic and applied research on computational approaches to language, communication, and cognition. Primary research areas include: Natural language processing and computational linguistics; Spoken language processing; Information extraction, retrieval and presentation; Dialogue and multimodal interaction; Computational theories of human cognition; Educational and assistive technology.

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Recent Submissions

  • WikiCatSum 

    Perez-Beltrachini, Laura; Liu, Yang; Lapata, Mirella
    WikiCatSum is a domain specific Multi-Document Summarisation (MDS) dataset. It assumes the summarisation task of generating Wikipedia lead sections for Wikipedia entities of a certain domain (e.g. Companies) from the set ...
  • ManySStuBs4J Dataset 

    Karampatsis, Rafael-Michael
    The ManySStuBs4J corpus contains simple statement bugs mined from open-source Java projects hosted in GitHub. There are two variations of the dataset. One mined from the 100 Java Maven Projects and one mined from the top ...
  • Hiberlink project data 

    Tobin, Richard; Grover, Claire; Zhou, Ke
    Summary files (in XML format) listing URIs referenced in papers from arXiv, Elsevier, and PMC respectively (approximately 1 million URIs from 3 million papers in total). The focus of the Hiberlink project was to assess the ...
  • Visual and Linguistic Treebank 

    Elliott, Desmond; Keller, Frank (2014-09-04)
    The Visual and Linguistic Treebank is a data set of images annotated with human-written descriptions, object boundaries, and Visual Dependency Representations. The images are freely available from the Action Recognition ...