• Symmetry operators Mathematica notebook 

      Backdahl, Thomas (2014-04-17)
      This is a collection of files intended for verification of the results in the paper Andersson, L, Bäckdahl, T, Blue, P, "Second order symmetry operators", (2014) arXiv:1402.6252 [gr-qc] to appear in Class. Quantum Grav.
    • HypFun 

      Pearson, John (University of Edinburgh. School of Mathematics, 2014-07-29)
      MATLAB code for computing the confluent and Gauss hypergeometric functions using a range of numerical methods.
    • Eddy diffusivity diagnostics data 

      Mak, Julian; Maddison, James R; Marshall, David
      Coarse resolution numerical ocean models must typically include a parameterisation for mesoscale turbulence. A common recipe for such parameterisations is to invoke down-gradient mixing, or diffusion, of some tracer quantity, ...