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Depositordc.contributorGupta, Vinny
Funderdc.contributor.otherEPSRC - Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Councilen_UK
Data Creatordc.creatorGupta, Vinny
Data Creatordc.creatorHidalgo, Juan P
Data Creatordc.creatorCowlard, Adam
Data Creatordc.creatorAbecassis-Empis, Cecilia
Data Creatordc.creatorMajdalani, Agustin H
Data Creatordc.creatorMaluk, Cristian
Data Creatordc.creatorTorero, Jose
Citationdc.identifier.citationGupta, Vinny; Hidalgo, Juan P; Cowlard, Adam; Abecassis-Empis, Cecilia; Majdalani, Agustin H; Maluk, Cristian; Torero, Jose. (2019). Edinburgh Tall Building Fire Tests Analysis, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. School of Engineering.
Persistent Identifierdc.identifier.uri
Persistent Identifierdc.identifier.uri
Dataset Description (abstract)dc.description.abstractSix experiments from the Edinburgh Tall Building Fire Tests are analysed in order to understand the effects of ventilation on the characteristic thermal behaviour of large open-plan spaces, typical of contemporary architecture and tall buildings. These experiments systematically vary the fire spread mode and the ventilation characteristic to identify the resultant fire behaviour. The data herein includes semi-processed data, and the code used to analyse the data in order to quantify the distribution of energy and characteristic fire dynamics for each experiment.en_UK
Dataset Description (TOC)dc.description.tableofcontentsTwo folders are included, one with the data and the other with the code to analyse the data. Users are instructed to refer to the data/data_legend.txt file to find the legend and details of the experiments and the scripts/readme.txt file to find details of each script used in the analysis of the data.en_UK
Publisherdc.publisherUniversity of Edinburgh. School of Engineeringen_UK
Relation (Is Referenced By)dc.relation.isreferencedbyBased on the paper (doi pending): V Gupta, J.P Hidalgo, A Cowlard, C Abecassis-Empis, A.H Majdalani, C Maluk, J.L Torero, Ventilation effects on the thermal characteristics of fire spread modes in open-plan compartment fires (submitted to IAFSS 2020)en_UK
Rightsdc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public Licenseen
Subjectdc.subjectenergy balanceen_UK
Subjectdc.subjectcompartment firesen_UK
Subjectdc.subjectfire dynamicsen_UK
Subjectdc.subjecttall buildingsen_UK
Subject Classificationdc.subject.classificationEngineering::Fire Safety Engineeringen_UK
Titledc.titleEdinburgh Tall Building Fire Tests Analysisen_UK

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