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Depositordc.contributorSmallman, Thomas Luke
Funderdc.contributor.otherNCEO - National Centre for Earth Observationen_UK
Funderdc.contributor.otherNERC - Natural Environment Research Councilen_UK
Spatial Coveragedc.coverage.spatialSpatial coverage and resolution is input data dependenten_UK
Data Creatordc.creatorSmallman, Thomas Luke
Data Creatordc.creatorWilliams, Mathew
Citationdc.identifier.citationSmallman, Thomas Luke; Williams, Mathew. (2018). Aggregated Canopy Model for Gross Primary Productivity and Evapotranspiration (Version 1), [software]. University of Edinburgh. National Centre for Earth Observation and School of GeoSciences.
Persistent Identifierdc.identifier.uri
Persistent Identifierdc.identifier.uri
Dataset Description (abstract)dc.description.abstractSource code and example for the aggregated canopy model for gross primary productivity and evapotranspiration version 1 (ACM-GPP-ET v1). ACM-GPP-ETv1 is a model of intermediate complexity representing coupled daily plant carbon (photosynthesis or GPP) and water cycles (transpiration, soil evaporation and evaporation of canopy intercepted rainfall). ACM-GPP-ET represents the whole plant hydraulic pathway balancing available water supply and evaporative demand through ecophysiological principles.en_UK
Dataset Description (TOC)dc.description.tableofcontentsSoftware is composed of an input / output code (written in R) and an analysis code base of the simulation mode (written in Fortran). The software package include a example file "ACM_GPP_ET_single_site_test.r", an ./input directory and ./src. The example file deals with input and output of the analysis. The ./input directory contains input drivers for a single site example. The ./src directory contains two Fortran files. ./src/ACM_GPP_ET.f90 contains the main source code of the ACM-GPP-ET model while ./src/ACM_GPP_ET_R_interface.f90 handles in needed interface between the R component of the analysis system and the main Fortran model.en_UK
Publisherdc.publisherUniversity of Edinburgh. National Centre for Earth Observation and School of GeoSciences.en_UK
Rightsdc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public Licenseen
Subjectdc.subjectintrinsic water use efficiencyen_UK
Subjectdc.subjectcarbon cycleen_UK
Subjectdc.subjectwater cycleen_UK
Subjectdc.subjectplant hydraulicsen_UK
Subject Classificationdc.subject.classificationBiological Sciencesen_UK
Titledc.titleAggregated Canopy Model for Gross Primary Productivity and Evapotranspiration (Version 1)en_UK
Alternative Titledc.title.alternativeACM-GPP-ETv1en_UK

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