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Depositordc.contributorHidalgo, Juan P
Funderdc.contributor.otherEPSRC - Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Councilen_UK
Data Creatordc.creatorHidalgo, Juan P
Data Creatordc.creatorCowlard, Adam
Data Creatordc.creatorAbecassis-Empis, Cecilia
Data Creatordc.creatorMaluk, Cristian
Data Creatordc.creatorMajdalani, Agustin H
Data Creatordc.creatorKahrmann, Steffen
Data Creatordc.creatorHilditch, Ryan
Data Creatordc.creatorKrajcovic, Michal
Data Creatordc.creatorTorero, Jose L
Citationdc.identifier.citationHidalgo, Juan P; Cowlard, Adam; Abecassis-Empis, Cecilia; Maluk, Cristian; Majdalani, Agustin H; Kahrmann, Steffen; Hilditch, Ryan; Krajcovic, Michal; Torero, Jose L. (2018). Edinburgh Tall Building Fire Tests, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. School of Engineering.
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Persistent Identifierdc.identifier.uri
Dataset Description (abstract)dc.description.abstractA full-scale experimental series is undertaken to generate a comprehensive data set to study and characterise fires in large open-plan spaces, typical of contemporary infrastructure and Tall Buildings in particular. Developments in the understanding of enclosure fire dynamics for large spaces is intended to complement the knowledge of relatively smaller, low ventilation spaces developed from the extensive body of research that underpins the original compartment fire framework. A total of twelve experiments are conducted, ten using box gas burners and two using a bed of wood cribs. Both the fire development and ventilation characteristics are varied systematically to enable the careful examination of the effect of each on the fire dynamics within the compartment. For this set of tests, sensor instrumentation is, as far as practicable, provided at a resolution to enable benchmarking of field models. These tests form part of the Real Fires for the Safe Design of Tall Buildings Project.en_UK
Dataset Description (TOC)dc.description.tableofcontents* The list of experiments is provided in the file 'ETFT Event Logs.xlsx'. * The list of sensors, including coordinates, is provided in the file 'ETFT - Sensor Names and Coordinates.xlsx'. * The data for each experiment is provided in the zip file in a series of folders called 'Test 1', 'Test 2' and so on up to 'Test 12'.en_UK
Publisherdc.publisherUniversity of Edinburgh. School of Engineeringen_UK
Relation (Is Referenced By)dc.relation.isreferencedby
Relation (Is Referenced By)dc.relation.isreferencedbyHidalgo, Cowlard, Abecassis-Empis et al. "An experimental study of full-scale open floor plan enclosure fires" Fire Safety Journal Volume 89, April 2017, Pages 22-40 Fire Safety Journal Volume 89, April 2017, Pages 22-40en_UK
Rightsdc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public Licenseen
Subjectdc.subjectEnclosure fire dynamicsen_UK
Subjectdc.subjectFull-scale experimentsen_UK
Subjectdc.subjectCompartment fire frameworken_UK
Subjectdc.subjectTall buildingsen_UK
Subjectdc.subjectLarge open-plan compartmenten_UK
Subject Classificationdc.subject.classificationEngineering::Fire Safety Engineeringen_UK
Titledc.titleEdinburgh Tall Building Fire Testsen_UK

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