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Depositordc.contributorMcGarva, Guyen
Spatial Coveragedc.coverage.spatialnorthlimit=60.7293;eastlimit=2.6759;southlimit=49.9717;westlimit=-6.5391;
Spatial Coveragedc.coverage.spatialGreat Britainen
Spatial Coveragedc.coverage.spatialScotlanden
Spatial Coveragedc.coverage.spatialEnglanden
Spatial Coveragedc.coverage.spatialWalesen
Spatial Coveragedc.coverage.spatialUNITED KINGDOMen
Spatial Coveragedc.coverage.spatialUKen
Time Perioddc.coverage.temporalstart=2009-10-14; end=2009-10-14; scheme=W3C-DTF
Data Creatordc.creatorMcGarva, Guy
Citationdc.identifier.citationMcGarva, Guy. (2017). GB Transportation Network (1:50 000 Meridian 2), [Dataset]. University of Edinburgh.
Persistent Identifierdc.identifier.uri
Persistent Identifierdc.identifier.uri
Dataset Description (abstract)dc.description.abstractThis is the transportation data from the Ordnance Survey Meridian 2 product. It contains Motorways, A roads, B roads, minor roads, roundabouts, junction numbers, railways, railway stations and the coastline. Each feature is in a separate Shapefile. Each Shapefile covers the whole of Great Britain. From the Ordnance Survey Technical Information "The road network in Meridian 2 is a derived and simplified network which has been produced from the Roads database. The simplified data provides a good entry level road network with the advantage of low data volumes to reduce processing time.". GIS vector data. This dataset was first accessioned in the EDINA ShareGeo Open repository on 2010-07-20 and migrated to Edinburgh DataShare on 2017-02-22.
Dataset Description (TOC)dc.description.tableofcontentsESRI Shapefile
Publisherdc.publisherUniversity of Edinburgh
Rightsdc.rightsreleased as part of the OS Open Data initiative. This data is made available under the Public Domain Dedication and License v1.0 whose full text can be found at
Titledc.titleGB Transportation Network (1:50 000 Meridian 2)

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