Moray House is an international leader in education and sport-related studies. Staff are internationally renowned for their theory-informed applied research.

The Moray House School of Education is comprised of three institutes:

  • Education, Teaching & Leadership
  • Sport, Physical Education & Health Sciences
  • Education, Community & Society

The Moray House School of Education has an extensive and growing programme of research and scholarship into education and sports-related fields, in the themes shown below:

  • Child development and well-being
  • Learning, teaching and pedagogy
  • Education, community and society
  • Sport and exercise sciences, physical education and leisure

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Recent Submissions

  • The Relationships between Violence in Childhood and Educational Outcomes: A Global Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 

    Fry, Deborah; Fang, Xiangming; Elliott, Stuart; Casey, Tabitha; Zheng, Xiaodong; Li, Jiaoyuan; Florian, Lani; McCluskey, Gillean
    This is the first study to estimate the association globally between violence in childhood on educational outcomes, addressing a significant gap in the current evidence base. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses were ...
  • Scottish Young People's Survey Cohort 1983-84, Sweep 1 

    Lamb, Joanne; Raffe, David; McPherson, Andrew
    The Scottish Young People Survey (SYPS) cohort series was a postal survey in which questionnaires were initially sent to young people approximately nine months after they had completed their 4th year in secondary school. ...
  • Bowes Museum Gallery Dialectogram 

    Miller, Mitch; Ross, Jen
    An illustration created by Mitch Miller as part of the Artcasting project (AH/M008177/1). The Artcasting project developed, tested and assessed ‘artcasting‘, a new digital and mobile form of evaluation of arts-based ...
  • FitQuest Qualitative DataSet 

    Robertson, Judy; EPSRC - Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
    This dataset contains qualitative interview and observation notes from the pilot FitQuest randomised controlled trial. The overall aim of the trial was to evaluate whether a theory based location-based exergame (FitQuest) ...
  • Scottish youth cohort trends dataset, 1984-2002 

    Croxford, Linda (University of Edinburgh. Centre for Educational Sociology, 2014-07-23)
    This dataset has been constructed from the Scottish School Leavers Survey (SSLS) as part of research project – Education and Youth Transitions in England, Wales and Scotland 1984-2002 - funded by the Economic and Social ...
  • National school leavers (1975/76) survey, 1977 

    University of Edinburgh. Centre for Educational Sociology (University of Edinburgh. Centre for Educational Sociology, 2014-07-22)
    The survey had a number of aims. In the first place, to extend the time-series of data on higher leavers originally collected in 1962, 1970, and 1972, by including 1976 leavers. Secondly the survey was designed to extend ...
  • 1979 national school leavers survey 

    University of Edinburgh. Centre for Educational Sociology. (University of Edinburgh. Centre for Educational Sociology, 2014-07-22)
    The 1979 survey covered young people who had left school in the session 1977/78. It was based on a smaller sample than the earlier 1977 survey: 10 per cent of 0 and H grade leavers, and 20 per cent of non-qualified ...