• Archiving and Sharing Functional MRI data 

      Pernet, Cyril
      This document describes the file structure and metadata requirements followed in the collating of Edinburgh Imaging fMRI results and their preparation for online sharing, as at January 2016.
    • Archiving and Sharing Functional MRI data 

      Pernet, Cyril
      This document describes the file structure and metadata requirements followed in the collating of Edinburgh Imaging fMRI results and their preparation for online sharing, as at July 2015.
    • Best practice for fMRI displays, plots and colour maps 

      Pernet, Cyril; Madan, Christopher
      Sets of illustrations for best practices in displaying tomographic imaging data - applied here to functional MRI. Images either shows different ways to present the data or show various colour maps with luminance correction.
    • Brain Imaging of Normal Subjects (BRAINS) age-specific MRI atlases from young adults to the very elderly (v1.0) 

      Dickie, David Alexander; Job, Dominic E; Rodriguez, David; Robson, Andrew; Danso, Samuel; Pernet, Cyril; Bastin, Mark E; Deary, Ian J; Shenkin, Susan D; Wardlaw, Joanna
      We have developed seven age-specific atlases of T1 brain MRI from 25 to 92 years.
    • Cerebrovascular Reactivity MRI Protocol - Figures 

      Thrippleton, Michael; Shi, Yulu; Blair, Gordon; Hamilton, Iona; Waiter, Gordon; Schwarzbauer, Christian; Pernet, Cyril R; Andrews, Peter JD; Marshall, Ian; Doubal, Fergus; Wardlaw, Joanna
      Figures describing an MRI protocol, including tolerability and reproducibility, for measurement of cerebrovascular reactivity.
    • Circuits! - Demonstrating the use of optical fibres in biomedical sciences 

      Ehrlich, Katjana; Parker, Helen E; McNicholl, Duncan K; Reid, Peter; Reynolds, Mark; Bussiere, Vincent; Crawford, Graham; Deighan, Angela; Garrett, Alice; Kufcsák, András; Norberg, Dominic R; Spennati, Giulia; Szoor-McElhinney, Helen; Jimenez, Melanie
      The Circuits! - project, funded through the The Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious Grant (ING1617/11/114), demonstrates how research at the intersection of physics, engineering, biology, and medicine can be presented ...
    • Data and Code for "Fibre-based Spectral Ratio Endomicroscopy for Contrast Enhancement of Bacterial Imaging and Pulmonary Autofluorescence" 

      Tanner, Michael G; Parker, Helen E; Stone, James M; Thomson, Robert R; Marshall, Adam D L; Choudhary, Tushar R; Dhaliwal, Kevin
      Fibre-based optical endomicroscopy (OEM) permits high resolution fluorescence microscopy in endoscopically accessible tissues. Fibred OEM has the potential to visualise pathologies targeted with fluorescent imaging probes ...
    • Data and code for: High fidelity fibre-based physiological sensing deep in tissue 

      Tanner, Michael G
      Physiological sensing deep in tissue, remains a clinical challenge. Here a flexible miniaturised sensing optrode providing a platform to perform minimally invasive in vivo in situ measurements is reported. Silica microspheres ...
    • Data extraction and analysis of the systematic search on gender differences on brain MRI structures and connectivity 

      Martin, Sarah; Valdés Hernández, Maria del C
      Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an invaluable imaging technique used in medicine, generating images of structures inside the body. The images produced are used to examine almost any part of the body and are essential ...
    • Edinburgh_NIH10 

      Bastin, Mark E; Wardlaw, Joanna; Pernet, Cyril R; Mikhael, Shadia
      This data set contains 10 normal healthy subjects ('sub-001' to 'sub-010') from a larger NIH funded project (NIH grant R01 EB004155) investigating changes in water diffusion parameters with age. Subjects underwent structural ...
    • Examples of Automated Cortical Parcellation 

      Mikhael, Shadia
      The figures presented show examples of anatomical variability and the resulting automated parcellation from different software (also included a diagram of our search for such software). Software packages for cortical ...
    • Gabapentin for the Management of Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women (GaPP1) 

      Horne, Andrew; Vincent, Katy; Pernet, Cyril
      This is a pilot study looking at the effect of Gabapentin in women with chronic pelvic pain. Participants were assigned at random to the placebo or the drug group. The design follows procedure of double blinding, i.e. ...
    • Hippocampal manual segmentation 

      Anblagan, Devasuda; Deary, Ian J; Wardlaw, Joanna
      When analyzing specific parts of the brain (here a region called the hippocampus, known to be involved in memory), it is often necessary to manually delineate these regions. The manual tracing here illustrates hippocampu ...
    • The human Voice Areas: spatial organisation and inter-individual variability in temporal and extra-temporal cortices. 

      Pernet CR; Belin P
      Abstract: FMRI studies increasingly examine functions and properties of non-primary areas of human auditory cortex. However there is currently no standardized localization procedure to reliably identify specific areas ...
    • IgM antibodies exhibit preferential binding to apoptotic and non-apoptotic nucleated cells 

      Hesketh, E.E
      Data set characterising IgM antibody binding to non-apoptotic, apoptotic and permeable murine/human thymocytes and murine erythrocytes. Methodology used consisted of flow cytometry, confocal and electron microscopy. With ...
    • LIMO EEG Dataset 

      Guillaume, Rousselet
    • LIMO EEG v1.5 

      LIMO Team; Pernet, Cyril; Rousselet, Guillaume; Gaspar, Carl; Chauveau, Nicolas
      Magnetic- and electric-evoked brain responses have traditionally been analyzed by comparing the peaks or mean amplitudes of signals from selected channels and averaged across trials. More recently, tools have been developed ...
    • Long-echo-time MR spectroscopic imaging in human brain at 1.5T and 3T 

      Thrippleton, Michael J; Parikh, Jehill P; Semple, Scott I K; Harris, Bridget A; Andrews, Peter J D; Wardlaw, Joanna M; Marshall, Ian
      Figures from article, "Variance components associated with long-echo-time MR spectroscopic imaging in human brain at 1.5T and 3T", accepted (December 2017) for publication in PlosONE. Figure 1 shows a brain slice and ...
    • A Manual Segmentation Protocol for Cortical Gyri 

      Mikhael, Shadia; Mair, Grant; Pernet, Cyril
      This protocol provides a guideline for outlining the superior frontal gyrus (SFG), the supramarginal gyrus (SMG) and the cingulate gyrus (CG). It is based on a thorough revision of 2 atlases: (1) the Duvernoy atlas, a ...
    • Masks2Metrics (M2M) 1.0: a Matlab tool for region-of-interest metrics 

      Mikhael, Shadia; Gray, Calum
      Masks2Metrics (M2M) is a Matlab based tool that is used to calculate 3 metrics for a given region-of-interest (ROI) in a 3D image: thickness, volume and surface area. While many software packages that automatically compute ...