• OpenUrl router requests by date 

    Sferopoulos, Dimitrios; ; (Edina, University of Edinburgh, 2011-10-31)
    The data in this file was based on the OpenURL Router data available from http://openurl.ac.uk/doc/data/data.html. It was developed by EDINA as part of a JISC-funded project, more information on the project is available ...
  • Output for Early Irish Law, Annals, and Computer Science 

    Yocum, Christopher (University of Edinburgh, Information Services, EDINA, 2012-12-13)
    The CSV file contains the output of the change making algorithm as stored in the source file. The header contains the titles of the various social classes as defined in Bretha Crólige. The information stored in the table ...
  • Preservation status of Knowledge Base+ packages 

    Davies, Steven
    An analysis of how well packages described in Jisc KB+ are preserved by archiving agencies, as measured by The Keepers Registry.
  • QUANGO Watch - Survey of non-elected public bodies in Scotland, 1995 

    Brown, Alice; Atherton, Graham (COSLA); Edinburgh University Data Library; McCrone, David (University of Edinburgh.Institute of Governance (formerly Unit for the Study of Government in Scotland), 2009-10-15)
    Nearly 500 non-departmental public bodies in Scotland were surveyed in late 1995, having been identified from publications such as HMSO's 'Public Bodies' and 'Scottish Regions'. One organisation questionnaire was sent ...
  • Scottish Election Results 1997 - 2009 

    Hamilton, George (University of Edinburgh. EDINA and University Data Library, 2009-10-06)
    The dataset contains all national, European and by-election results for Holyrood and Westminter elections in Scotland since 1997. The results from each election are available in both CSV or XML format. For national ...
  • Student funding survey, 1989 

    National Union of Students (NUS)
    This survey, carried out in 1989, focused on funding of students in full-time higher education. It explored feelings about recent proposals for changes in the funding of higher education, among students in secondary education ...