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  • Metocean Data Set from the ReDAPT Tidal Project: Batch 1, Part 2 

    Sellar, Brian
    The objective of the University of Edinburgh’s work package within the ReDAPT Tidal project was to design and conduct a data acquisition campaign to increase understanding of the flow conditions in the nearfield of a tidal ...
  • MIKE 21 West Orkney Monthly Hs Summary Outputs 

    Waldman, Simon; Venugopal, Vengatesan
    MIKE 21 WEST ORKNEY MONTHLY Hs SUMMARY OUTPUTS This collection of netCDF format files contains monthly summary outputs of significant wave height (Hs) from the West of Orkney MIKE 21 spectral wave model described in ...
  • Miles Glendinning - Morning Paper Session Introduction 

    Engel, Caroline; University of Edinburgh
    The morning paper session hosted talks by six practitioners and academics on assorted topics related to the recording of modern movement heritage in Britain and abroad.
  • Mn2FeReO6 Angew Chem 2015 

    Attfield, J Paul
  • Mn2MnReO6 ChemComm2016 

    Attfield, J Paul
    Structural and magnetic data for Mn2MnReO6, supporting a paper submitted to Chemical Communications.
  • MnFe3O5 ZAAC 2016 

    Attfield, John Paul; ERC - European Research Council
    Data from magnetisation and XRD measurements supporting Attfield JP et al 2016 ZAAC (Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie) (Accepted manuscript).
  • MnRMnSbO6 Angew Chem 2016 

    Attfield, J Paul
    Crystallographic data supporting the publication: "MnRMnSbO6" Attfield et al, Angew. Chem. (In Submission).
  • Moray House Child Tapes 

    Girdwood, David; University of Edinburgh; Other (University of Edinburgh. School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences. Department of Linguistics and English Language, 2013-10-28)
    Recordings of children, made between 1961 - 1965, being asked to identify and name images from an undisclosed book and asked to repeat words at the interviewer's discretion.
  • Morphologically Constrained and Data Informed Cell Segmentation of Budding Yeast 

    Bakker, Elco; Bandiera, Lucia; Crane, Matt
    This is all the data associated with the paper "Morphologically Constrained and Data Informed Cell Segmentation of Budding Yeast": a description of the cell segmentation software developed in the Swain Laboratory for ...
  • MRI Variability in a Rat Model of Stroke 

    Milidonis, Xenios; McCabe, Chris; Macrae, Mhairi I.; Sena, Emily S.; Macleod, Malcolm R.; Marshall, Ian
    This dataset contains T2-weighted MRI scans of 21 different Sprague-Dawley rats that were subjected to permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion, as part of a study assessing the influence of gender in the progression of ...
  • An mRNA expression atlas for the domestic chicken generated by the meta-analysis of RNA-seq datasets 

    Bush, Stephen J.; Freem, Lucy; MacCallum, Amanda; O'Dell, Jenny; Wu, Chunlei; Afrasiabi, Cyrus; Psifidi, Androniki; Stevens, Mark P.; Smith, Jacqueline; Hume, David A.
    The chicken (Gallus gallus) is widely used as a model in developmental biology and is also an important livestock species. We have created an mRNA expression atlas for the domestic chicken spanning major tissue types and ...
  • Multiscale simulation of dynamic wetting 

    Zhang, Jun; Borg, Matthew; Reese, Jason
    This data set contains the output data from all molecular dynamics and multiscale simulations carried out in the paper entitled: "Multiscale simulation of dynamic wetting" submitted to the International Journal of Heat and ...
  • NAI Yeast Transcriptome Wide Data 

    Granneman, Sander
    These are fasta files containing collapsed read data from of our NAI yeast transcriptome data from the Selega et al Nature Methods paper published in 2017 ( ). Abbreviation: NAI: ...
  • National Health (NHS) Sites in Great Britain 

    Pope, Addy
    This dataset shows the location of NHS and other health care sites in Great Britain. Over 12,000 locations are shown and each has a number of attributes such as whether they are private or state sites, dispensing or ...
  • National school leavers (1975/76) survey, 1977 

    University of Edinburgh. Centre for Educational Sociology (University of Edinburgh. Centre for Educational Sociology, 2014-07-22)
    The survey had a number of aims. In the first place, to extend the time-series of data on higher leavers originally collected in 1962, 1970, and 1972, by including 1976 leavers. Secondly the survey was designed to extend ...
  • Native MS Analysis of Encapsulated Ferritin from Rhodospirillum rubrum 

    Hughes, Sam; Vanden-Hehir, Sally; Clarke, David
    This dataset contains native MS analysis of the Encapsulated Ferritin (EncFtn, Rru_A0973) from Rhodospirillum rubrum. Included are ion-mobility mass spectra of apo- and Fe-bound EncFtn, mass spectral data showing the gas ...
  • Natural magnetite ChemComm2016 

    Attfield, J Paul
  • Naturally Inspired Peptide Leads: Alanine Scanning Reveals an Actin-Targeting Thiazole Analogue of Bisebromoamide 

    Johnston, Heather; Boys, Sarah; Makda, Ashraff; Carragher, Neil; Hulme, Alison
    Systematic alanine-scanning of the linear peptide bisebromoamide (BBA), isolated from a marine cyanobacterium, is enabled by targeting the solid phase peptide synthesis of thiazole analogues. The synthetic Tz-BBA analogues ...