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  • Conching chocolate is a prototypical transition from frictionally jammed solid to flowable suspension with maximal solid content 

    Blanco, Elena; Hodgson, Daniel JM; Hermes, Michiel; Besseling, Rut; Hunter, Gary L; Chaikin, Paul M; Cates, Michael E; Van Damme, Isabella; Poon, Wilson CK
    The mixing of a powder of 10-50μm primary particles into a liquid to form a dispersion with the highest possible solid content is a common industrial operation. Building on recent advances in the rheology of such 'granular ...
  • Best practice for fMRI displays, plots and colour maps 

    Pernet, Cyril; Madan, Christopher
    Sets of illustrations for best practices in displaying tomographic imaging data - applied here to functional MRI. Images either shows different ways to present the data or show various colour maps with luminance correction.
  • A novel technique for experimental modal analysis of barotropic seiches for assessing lake energetics 

    Wynne, Zachariah; Reynolds, Thomas; Bouffard, Damien; Schladow, Geoffrey; Wain, Danielle
    In this study, the principles of operational modal analysis, through the Random Decrement Technique (RDT), currently used primarily in the analysis of high rise structures and in the aeronautical industry and not previously ...
  • Photometric stereo test data set 

    McCormick, Alistair; Scorza, Livia; Bernotas, Gytis
    A test data set for extracting trait data from Arabidopsis thaliana plants using PS-Plant software. The data set included raw and processed data, and a pre-trained Mask R-CNN model. This data set forms part of work done ...
  • Photometric stereo training data set with annotated leaf masks 

    Scorza, Livia; Bernotas, Gytis; McCormick, Alistair
    Automated leaf segmentation is a challenging area in computer vision. Recent advances in machine learning approaches allowed to achieve better results than traditional image processing techniques; however, training such ...

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