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  • Project Soothe: Images nos. 1 to 656 

    Chan, Stella
    # Overview # This dataset includes 621 images donated to Project Soothe by volunteers through the Project Soothe website, numbered #1 to #656 except for a small number which were excluded for the reasons listed in the ...
  • Sonikebana, version 1.0 documentation example 

    Parker, Martin
    This is a recording of a sound installation hosted at St. Cecilia's Hall, Edinburgh on the 4th and 5th April 2018. The project was designed for the OrganiCity-funded smart-cities project called City Sounds. This is a mix ...
  • Summary statistics for three depression phenotypes in UK Biobank 

    Howard, David; Adams, Mark; Shirali, Masoud; Clarke, Toni-Kim; Marioni, Riccardo; Davies, Gail; Coleman, Jonathan; Alloza, Clara; Shen, Xueyi; Barbu, Miruna; Wigmore, Eleanor; Gibson, Jude; 23andMe Research Team; Hagenaars, Saskia; Lewis, Cathryn; Ward, Joey; Smith, Daniel; Sullivan, Patrick; Haley, Chris; Breen, Gerome; Deary, Ian; McIntosh, Andrew
    We are working on adding additional information to this data. In the meantime please use the data available here: http://dx.doi.org/10.7488/ds/2314. Depression is a polygenic trait that causes extensive periods of disability. ...
  • Role of accelerated ageing in limb muscle wasting of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) 

    Lakhdar, Ramzi; McGuinness, Dagmara; Drost, Ellen M; Shiels, Paul G; Bastos, Ricardo; MacNee, William; Rabinovich, Roberto A
    Skeletal muscle wasting is an independent predictor of health-related quality of life, and survival in COPD, but the complexity of the molecular mechanisms associated with this process have not been fully elucidated. We ...
  • Scottish Young People's Survey Cohort 1983-84, Sweep 3 (SYPS1987autumn) 

    Centre for Educational Sociology.
    Scottish Young People's Survey Cohort 1983-84, Sweep 3 (SYPS1987autumn). The SYPS is a series of large-scale postal surveys that asked young people aged 16-19 from Scottish secondary schools about their experiences of ...

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