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  • Dataset concerning the manuscript "Rare variants implicate ENPP6 as a regulator of reduced visceral adiposity" 

    Schraut, Katharina; Wilson, James F
    The Orkney Complex Disease Study (ORCADES) is a family-based population cohort with DNA, biological samples, and a wide range of clinical data from ~2,000 adult volunteers from the Orkney Islands. Genotype data is also ...
  • Raw DFT data for "Post-aragonite phases of CaCO3 at lower mantle pressures" 

    Pickard, Chris J.; Martinez-Canales, Miguel
    This dataset contains DFT enthalpies and phonon spectra, computed with PBEsol, that together produce the theoretical static, and P-T quasiharmonic phase diagrams seen in the paper "Post-aragonite phases of CaCO3 at lower ...
  • Stellate cells in medial entorhinal cortex are required for spatial learning 

    Tennant, Sarah; Garden, Derek; Gerlei, Klara; Martinez-Gonzalez, Cristina; McClure, Christina; Wood, Emma; Nolan, Matthew
    Spatial learning requires estimates of location that may be obtained by path integration or from positional cues. Grid and other spatial firing patterns of neurons in the superficial medial entorhinal cortex (MEC) suggest ...
  • INSITE Oil and Gas ROV video survey questionnaire 

    Murray, Fiona; Gormley, Kate; Henry, Lea-Anne; Roberts, J Murray
    The INSITE Data Initiative aimed to identify data that has been collected by energy companies which could be valuable to research into the influence of man-made structures on the North Sea ecosystem. We developed a ...
  • INSITE Data Roadmap and documentation 

    Murray, Fiona; Gormley, Kate; Roberts, J Murray
    The INSITE Data Roadmap is a database of data sources likely to be useful to those interested in the influence of manmade structures on North Sea ecosystems. To date it consists of 74 datasets collated from governments, ...

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