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  • Data for "Pathogen transmission from vaccinated hosts can cause dose-dependent reduction in virulence" 

    Dunn, John R; Cheng, Hans H; Doeschl-Wilson, Andrea; Bailey, Richard I; Chase-Topping, Margo; Mays, Jody; Anacleto, Osvaldo
    # Abstract # Many livestock and increasingly human vaccines are leaky, blocking symptoms without preventing infection or onward transmission. Leakiness is concerning as it increases vaccination coverage required to ...
  • Multi-beam Sonar Image Sequences 

    Diamantis, Konstantinos; Hopgood, James
    The dataset supports the following article: Diamantis K., Yaghoobi M., Davies M. and Hopgood J. 2019, 'A multi-frame resolution enhancement framework for multi-beam sonar systems' submitted for review to the IEEE Transactions ...
  • Water buffalo and cattle XPEHH scores across breeds 

    Prendergast, James; Dutta, Prasun; Talenti, Andrea
    This dataset consists of XP-EHH scores calculated using the hapbin software (https://github.com/evotools/hapbin) with default parameters across 79 water buffalo and 294 cattle whole genome sequences. The breeds being ...
  • Structural study of the pressure-induced metal-insulator transition in LiV2O4 

    Browne, Alex; Attfield, John Paul
    .xy files (intensity vs. 2theta) for the diffraction patterns of LiV2O4. Temperature and pressure for each datset are shown in the file title. Data is support of manuscript: Structural study of the pressure-induced ...
  • A putative genomic map for resistance of Bos indicus cattle in Cameroon to bovine tuberculosis 

    Callaby, Rebecca; Kelly, Robert; Mazeri, Stella; Egbe, Franklyn; Benedictus, Lindert; Clark, Emily; Doeschl-Wilson, Andrea; Bronsvoort, Barend; Salavati, Mazdak; Muwonge, Adrian
    Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) caused by Mycobacterium bovis is a livestock disease of global economic and public health importance. There are currently no effective vaccines available for livestock and so control relies on ...

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