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  • Shilluk Lexicography With Audio Data 

    Remijsen, Bert; Ayoker, Otto Gwado; Martin, Amy
    This archive represents a resource on the lexicon of Shilluk, a Nilo-Saharan language spoken in South Sudan. It includes a table of 2530 lexicographic items, plus 10082 sound clips. The table is included in pdf and MS Word ...
  • A novel fluorescein-bisphosphonate based diagnostic tool for the detection of hydroxyapatite in both cell and tissue models 

    Sim, Alisia M; Rashdan, Nabil A; Cui, Lin; Moss, Alistair J; Nudelman, Fabio; Dweck, Marc R; MacRae, Vicky E; Hulme, Alison N
    A rapid and efficient method for the detection of hydroxyapatite (HAP) has been developed which shows superiority to existing well-established methods. This fluorescein-bisphosphonate probe is highly selective for HAP over ...
  • Complex cation and spin orders in the high pressure ferrite CoFe3O5 

    Attfield, John Paul; Hong, Ka
    Data are for the paper 'Complex cation and spin orders in the high pressure ferrite CoFe3O5' by Ka. Hong et al, Inorg. Chem. (2018) Details of the files are in README.txt
  • Parallel Audiobook Corpus 

    Ribeiro, Manuel Sam
    The Parallel Audiobook Corpus (version 1.0) is a collection of parallel readings of audiobooks. The corpus consists of approximately 121 hours of speech at 22.05KHz across 4 books and 59 speakers. The data is provided in ...
  • Structural and electronic properties of the alkali metal incommensurate phases 

    Hermann, Andreas
    Under pressure, the alkali elements sodium, potassium, and rubidium adopt nonperiodic structures based on two incommensurate interpenetrating lattices. While all elements form the same “host” lattice, their “guest” lattices ...

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