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  • Classified map, Tanintharyi, Myanmar 

    Nomura, Keiko
    This data is a land classification map in support of University of Edinburgh PhD thesis and manuscript titled: "Oil palm concessions in southern Myanmar consist mostly of unconverted forest", Scientific Reports (in ...
  • Human, yeast and pig genomics: sequence submissions and first sequence descriptions in the literature (1980-2015) 

    Wong, Mark; Leng, Rhodri; Viry, Gil; Liscovsky Barrera, Rodrigo; Garcia-Sancho, Miguel
    This data collection is derived from two sources: 1) Submissions of DNA sequences of S. cerevisiae (yeast), Sus scrofa (pig) and Homo sapiens (human) to the European Nucleotide Archive, and 2) First description of these ...
  • Granulation and suspension rheology: a unified treatment 

    Hodgson, Daniel JM; Hermes, Michiel; Blanco, Elena; Poon, Wilson CK
    Mixing a small amount of liquid into a powder can give rise to dry-looking granules; increasing the amount of liquid eventually produces a flowing suspension. We perform experiments on these phenomena using Spheriglass, ...
  • Circuits! - Demonstrating the use of optical fibres in biomedical sciences 

    Ehrlich, Katjana; Parker, Helen E; McNicholl, Duncan K; Reid, Peter; Reynolds, Mark; Bussiere, Vincent; Crawford, Graham; Deighan, Angela; Garrett, Alice; Kufcsák, András; Norberg, Dominic R; Spennati, Giulia; Szoor-McElhinney, Helen; Jimenez, Melanie
    The Circuits! - project, funded through the The Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious Grant (ING1617/11/114), demonstrates how research at the intersection of physics, engineering, biology, and medicine can be presented ...
  • Imaging Moving Targets for a Forward Scanning Automotive SAR 

    Gishkori, Shahzad; Wright, David; Daniel, Liam; Gashinova, Marina; Mulgrew, Bernard
    In the paper, we extend the forward-scanning SAR methodology to reconstruct images of the moving targets, for a forward-looking automotive radar. This dataset is used to show the performance of our proposed algorithm. A ...

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