The objective of the Spoofing and Anti-Spoofing (SAS) corpus is a standard spoofing database for both spoofing and anti-spoofing (also known as countermeasure) research. The SAS corpus will include three forms of spoofing: speech synthesis, voice conversion and replay. In each form of spoofing, multiple state-of-the-art techniques will be employed to generate the spoofing materials. For example in speech synthesis, statistical parametric and unit selection techniques will be used.

Items in this Collection

  • Automatic Speaker Verification Spoofing and Countermeasures Challenge (ASVspoof 2015) Database 

    Wu, Zhizheng; Kinnunen, Tomi; Evans, Nicholas; Yamagishi, Junichi
    The database has been used in the first Automatic Speaker Verification Spoofing and Countermeasures Challenge (ASVspoof 2015). Genuine speech is collected from 106 speakers (45 male, 61 female) and with no significant channel ...
  • Human vs Machine Spoofing 

    Wester, Mirjam; Wu, Zhizheng; Yamagishi, Junichi
    Listening test materials for "Human vs Machine Spoofing Detection on Wideband and Narrowband data." They include lists of the speech material selected from the SAS spoofing database and the listeners' responses. The main ...
  • Spoofing and Anti-Spoofing (SAS) corpus v1.0 

    Wu, Zhizheng; Khodabakhsh, Ali; Demiroglu, Cenk; Yamagishi, Junichi; Saito, Daisuke; Toda, Tomoki; Ling, Zhen-Hua; King, Simon
    This dataset is associated with the paper "'SAS: A speaker verification spoofing database containing diverse attacks': presents the first version of a speaker verification spoofing and anti-spoofing database, named SAS ...