The University of Edinburgh plays host to two major clinical imaging research facilities at BRIC and CRIC (Brain/Clinical Research Imaging Centres). These imaging facilities provide researchers with access to imaging equipment and the expertise to perform high quality clinical research using imaging.

BRIC currently houses a single MRI scanner plus significant image analysis and data management equipment. BRIC will be expanded to two MRIs in the near future running concurrently.

CRIC houses a Cyclotron/Radiochemistry facility, a PET/CT scanner, a CT scanner, a MRI scanner and the Image Analysis Core of the Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility. The University of Edinburgh has also been awarded funding to purchase and install an MR PET device into CRIC.

Edinburgh Imaging was established to bring together the imaging community across Edinburgh, to allow the sharing of knowledge, skills and facilities in order to advance biological knowledge from cradle to grave. Edinburgh Imaging is a virtual hub of expertise on medical imaging, pre-clinical imaging, neuroimaging for research, microscopy and imaging science education. Members of Edinburgh Imaging have worked together to develop the Edinburgh Imaging Academy (EIA), which is an online educational portal.

Sub-communities within this community

Collections in this community

  • BRAINS Imagebank

    Supplementary material for the BRAINS Imagebank
  • EEG

    contains software and datasets for EEG
  • Image Library

    Images generated by researchers at Edinburgh Imaging
  • Software

    Collection of software developed at Edinburgh Imaging

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