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  • (2008). IRI-Scotland academic author survey, [Dataset].
  • (2008). IRI-Scotland senior management survey, [Dataset].
  • (2008). IRI-Scotland Technical Staff survey, [Dataset].
  • Wilson, Graeme B; MacDonald, Raymond AR; Duff, Malcy; Duncanson, Lindsay; Gabrysch, Marek; Green, Owen; Keay, Cath; Knox, Dawn Felicia; Lloyd, Emma; Lozano-Thornton, Dario; Masson, Sheila; Parr-Burman, Michael; Robertson, Ali; Stockbridge, Jamie; Smith, Grant; Wallder, Dan; Williams, Sean. (2015). Meanings of Interaction Among Musicians Improvising (MIAMI), 2014 [sound]. University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh College of Art. Reid School of Music.
  • Sferopoulos, Dimitrios; ; . (2011). OpenUrl router requests by date, 2011 [Dataset]. Edina, University of Edinburgh.
  • Yocum, Christopher. (2012). Output for Early Irish Law, Annals, and Computer Science, [collection]. University of Edinburgh, Information Services, EDINA.
  • Davies, Steven. (2015). Preservation status of Knowledge Base+ packages, 2015 [dataset].
  • Brown, Alice; Atherton, Graham (COSLA); Edinburgh University Data Library; McCrone, David. (2009). QUANGO Watch - Survey of non-elected public bodies in Scotland, 1995, 1995 [Dataset]. University of Edinburgh.Institute of Governance (formerly Unit for the Study of Government in Scotland.
  • Ekmekcioglu, Cuna. (2010). Research computing consultation, 2007 [Dataset]. University of Edinburgh. Information Services.
  • Hamilton, George. (2009). Scottish Election Results 1997 - 2009, 1997-2009 [Dataset]. University of Edinburgh. EDINA and University Data Library.
  • Pryor, Graham. (2008). StORe online questionnaire, [Dataset].
  • Macleod, Hamish; Paterson, Jessie. (2012). A survey of undergraduate technology use and attitudes, Marc [Dataset]. University of Edinburgh.
  • Adie, Chris. (2014). University of Edinburgh Telephone Survey, 2013 [Dataset]. University of Edinburgh. Information Services, IT Infrastructure..
  • Andrew, Theo. (2012). Wellcome Trust Gold OA fees - University of Edinburgh 2007-2012, 2007-2012 [Dataset]. University of Edinburgh.

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