International Stroke Trial database (superseded)

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Depositor dc.contributor Donnelly, Anne
Funder dc.contributor.other MRC - Medical Research Council
Spatial Coverage dc.coverage.spatial International
Data Creator dc.creator Sandercock, Peter
Data Creator dc.creator Niewada, Maciej
Data Creator dc.creator Czlonkowska, Anna
Date Accessioned 2010-09-24T15:49:07Z
Date Available 2010-09-24T15:49:07Z
Date Issued 2010-09-24
Citation dc.identifier.citation Sandercock, Peter; Niewada, Maciej; Czlonkowska, Anna. (2010). International Stroke Trial database (superseded), [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. Department of Clinical Neurosciences.
Permanent Identifier dc.identifier.uri
Permanent Identifier dc.identifier.uri
Dataset Description (abstract) dc.description.abstract The International Stroke Trial (IST) was one the biggest randomised trials in acute stroke. Methods: Available data on variables assessed at randomisation, at the early outcome point (14-days after randomisation or prior discharge) and at 6-months were extracted and made publically available. Results and Conclusions: The IST provides an excellent source of primary data easy-to-use for sample size calculations and preliminary analysis necessary for planning a good quality trial. This item has been superseded by new submission
Dataset Description (TOC) dc.description.tableofcontents International Stroke Trial database unicode data file International Stroke Trial database csv data file
Language dc.language.iso eng
Publisher dc.publisher University of Edinburgh. Department of Clinical Neurosciences
Superseded By dc.relation.isreplacedby
Rights dc.rights Copyright, University of Edinburgh.
Subject dc.subject clinical trials, randomised controlled trials, RCTs,stroke,
Subject Classification dc.subject.classification Research Subject Categories::Medicine and Dentistry::Clinical Medicine
Title dc.title International Stroke Trial database (superseded)
Type dc.type dataset

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IST_database_paper.doc 89.5Kb Microsoft Word Download
IST_data.csv 5.549Mb Text file Download
IST data suppl 1.csv 4.604Mb Text file Download
IST_variables.csv 5.985Kb Text file Download
IST_variables.pdf 64.79Kb PDF Download
IST_variables.txt 12.11Kb Text file Download
stroke_combined.sav 933.3Kb application/x-spss-sav Download

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