International Stroke Trial database (superseded)

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Title: International Stroke Trial database (superseded)
Data Creator: Sandercock, Peter; Niewada, Maciej; Czlonkowska, Anna
Date Available: 2010-09-24
Citation: Sandercock, Peter; Niewada, Maciej; Czlonkowska, Anna. (2010). International Stroke Trial database (superseded), [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. Department of Clinical Neurosciences.
Dataset Description (abstract): The International Stroke Trial (IST) was one the biggest randomised trials in acute stroke. Methods: Available data on variables assessed at randomisation, at the early outcome point (14-days after randomisation or prior discharge) and at 6-months were extracted and made publically available. Results and Conclusions: The IST provides an excellent source of primary data easy-to-use for sample size calculations and preliminary analysis necessary for planning a good quality trial. This item has been superseded by new submission

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IST_data.csv 5.549Mb Text file Download
IST data suppl 1.csv 4.604Mb Text file Download
IST_variables.csv 5.985Kb Text file Download
IST_variables.pdf 64.79Kb PDF Download
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