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The School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh supports world-class excellence in teaching and research. We offer a full range of taught undergraduate courses in Engineering subjects, and taught postgraduate MScs. We have a strong set of PhD and research activities within our five Research Institutes, with much collaboration with industry and government both nationally and internationally.

The School has wide-ranging, comprehensive and exciting research activities. Our research is carried out in five Research Institutes:

  • Instititute for Materials and Processes (IMP)
  • Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems (IMNS)
  • Institute for Digital Communications (IDCoM)
  • Institute for Energy Systems (IES)
  • Institute for Infrastructure and Environment (IIE)

Each of these Research Institutes is a major centre of expertise and between them they span much of modern engineering. We take a broad and imaginative view of the scope of engineering in the 21st Century. Taken as a whole, the School is a leading international provider of engineering research.

We place great value on collaborative industrial and external ventures and have an outstanding record in commercialising our discoveries, inventions and innovations.

Research Partnerships

The School is also a partner in a number of important interdisciplinary centres within the University:

  • Centre for Biomedical Engineering at Edinburgh (CBEE)
  • Centre for Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE)
  • Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions (CSEC)
  • Scottish Mechanotransduction Consortium (SMTC)
  • Edinburgh Materials Microanalysis Centre (EMMAC)

The Edinburgh Research Partnership in Engineering and Mathematics (ERPem) is a research consortium involving the University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University & Napier University. Four of the research institutes at the School of Engineering & Electronics (IMNS, IDCOM, IES & IIE) are partners in this consortium.

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