The School of Social and Political Science embraces the Subject Areas of Politics and International Relations, Social Anthropology, Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology, and Science, Technology and Innovation Studies. It also includes the Institute of Governance, the ESRC Centre for Social and Economic Research on Innovation in Genomics (INNOGEN), and the Centres of African Studies, Canadian Studies and South Asian Studies.

The School has a long-standing commitment to original empirical and theoretical research on society, politics, culture and public policy sustained by a cosmopolitan community of academic staff which is highly active in national and international research networks as well as being involved in knowledge transfer activities.

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Recent Submissions

  • Household survey data from Low-Income Settlements in Nairobi and Kathmandu, examining exposure to violence and justice seeking behaviour 

    Kelly, Tobias; Sijapati, Bandita; Kiama, Peter; Jensen, Steffen; Christiansen, Catrine; Sharma, Jeevan
    This dataset contains information from household surveys conducted in Low-Income Settlements in Nairobi and Kathmandu. The surveys took the form of experimental methodologies aimed at working in partnership with local human ...
  • Interview data from 'new norms and forms of development' 

    Adhikari, Radha; Mandambwe, Khumbo; Smith, Pam; Sharma, Jeevan; Harper, Ian; Malata, Address; Chand, Obindra; Thapa, Deepak
    This data contains findings of the study on outsourcing of external development assistance in maternal and child health (MCH) in Malawi and Nepal. It outlines the institutional modalities and norms guiding the financing ...
  • UK Statutory Instruments 

    Bevan, Shaun
    This dataset contains all national level UK statutory instruments from 1987 to 2008 coded according to the Comparative Agendas Project (CAP) content coding scheme ( The data is a pilot of the ...