• Constrained interpolation data (superseded) 

    Maddison, James R.; Hiester, Hannah R.
  • Dispersion in networks 

    Danioux, Eric
    Ensemble of Matlab routines to calculate the time evolution of a scalar in a network following the advection-diffusion equation. The particular case of dispersion in the Manhattan road grid is included. Please refer to ...
  • Eddy diffusivity diagnostics data 

    Mak, Julian; Maddison, James; Marshall, David
    Coarse resolution numerical ocean models must typically include a parameterisation for mesoscale turbulence. A common recipe for such parameterisations is to invoke down-gradient mixing, or diffusion, of some tracer quantity, ...
  • Emergent eddy saturation diagnostic data 

    Mak, Julian; Marshall, David; Maddison, James; Bachman, Scott
    Dataset for the article "Emergent eddy saturation from an energy constrained eddy parameterisation".
  • Fast methods for training Gaussian processes 

    Moore, Christopher J; Chua, Alvin J K; Berry, Christopher P L; Gair, Jonathan R
    This submission includes a simplified version of some code we have been developing for fast training of Gaussian processes. We also include a sample data set, which is NOAA tidal data from Woods Hole in the US, downloaded ...
  • g-BAOAB source files 

    Matthews, Charles
    The files included here are the code files needed to implement the geodesic integration schemes relevant to the manuscript: ``Efficient molecular dynamics using geodesic integration and solvent-solute splitting'' (Proceedings ...
  • HypFun 

    Pearson, John (University of Edinburgh. School of Mathematics, 2014-07-29)
    MATLAB code for computing the confluent and Gauss hypergeometric functions using a range of numerical methods.
  • Parallel simplex benchmarking results 

    Huangfu, Qi; Hall, J.A.J.
    Data used to generate results in "Parallelizing the dual revised simplex method" http://www.maths.ed.ac.uk/hall/HuHa13/, a copy of which is attached.
  • Quasi-geostrophic double gyre force function data 

    Maddison, James R.; Marshall, D.P.; Shipton, J.
  • Scattering of inertial waves by random flows 

    Danioux, Eric
    This dataset contains a matlab code that simulates the Young and Ben Jelloul equation for inertial waves propagating in a 2D flow. Also attached is a program to generate a 2D gaussian random flow, and a routine to calculate ...
  • Snapshots of an N-body model of M4 

    Heggie, Douglas (University of Edinburgh. School of Mathematics, 2014-09-04)
    326 snapshots of an N-body model of the Galactic globular cluster M4. Each snapshot consists of a list of all the particles in the simulation at one time.
  • Symmetry operators Mathematica notebook 

    Backdahl, Thomas (2014-04-17)
    This is a collection of files intended for verification of the results in the paper Andersson, L, Bäckdahl, T, Blue, P, "Second order symmetry operators", (2014) arXiv:1402.6252 [gr-qc] to appear in Class. Quantum Grav.