The School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures houses a number of research centres working on different languages and cultures, such as:

  • Alwaleed Centre, which aims to promote a better understanding of Islam
  • CASAW, studying the Arab World
  • Centre de recherches francophones belges, working on francophone Belgian culture
  • Confucius Institute, promoting ties with China
  • Centre for the History of the Book
  • Dashkova Centre, studying the Russian language
  • EERC, conducting research on Scottish life and society

Collections in this community

  • Ceiltis & Eòlas na h-Alba | Celtic & Scottish Studies

    The department of Celtic and Scottish Studies is the longest established Celtic department in Scotland, and is the home of the School of Scottish Studies Archives which was founded in 1951 to collect, archive and promote ...

Recent Submissions

  • Annotated Reference Corpus of Scottish Gaelic (ARCOSG) 

    Lamb, William; Arbuthnot, Sharon; Naismith, Susanna; Danso, Samuel
    A representative, tagged corpus of Scottish Gaelic, divided into 8 registers (4 spoken, 4 written) of approximately 10k words each. The corpus is presented as individual txt files. The corpus was hand-tagged by Lamb, ...