The Edinburgh Law School has a strong international reputation for high quality research. Research is central to the School's activities; staff and students are actively engaged in research across a wide range of legal and socio-legal areas.

The School houses a number of Research Centres, including:

  • The Edinburgh Centre for Private Law
  • The Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law
  • The Centre for Law and Society
  • The AHRC Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law (SCRIPT)
  • The Mason Institute
  • The Europa Institute
  • The Scottish Centre for International Law
  • The Centre for Commercial Law
  • The Centre for Legal History

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Recent Submissions

  • South of Scotland Castles of the 15th Century 

    MacQueen, Hector; Ward, Pauline; Macdonald, Stuart
    This data details the locations of castles in the south of Scotland in the 15th century. The locations were gathered by Prof MacQueen. The data were cleaned and mapped by Pauline Ward using ESRI ArcGIS 10.2 with assistance ...
  • Lawyers' Edinburgh 1800-2000 

    MacQueen, Hector L.; Theunissen, Ashley
    Lawyers' Edinburgh 1800-2000 is a beginning on the history of leading Edinburgh law firms from 1800-2000, intended to show their long existence, their location in the New Town until very recently, and the identities of ...