• Sharvard_IJA 

    Aubanel, Vincent; Garcia Lecumberri, Maria Luisa; Cooke, Martin (LISTA Consortium: (i) Language and Speech Laboratory, Universidad del Pais Vasco, Spain and Ikerbasque, Spain; (ii) Centre for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh, UK; (iii) KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; (iv) Institute of Computer Science, FORTH, Greece, 2014-07-28)
    Two native Spanish talkers (one male, one female) recorded producing 700 Spanish sentences designed to be the Spanish equivalent of the English language Harvard sentences (thus phonetically balanced across sets of ten ...
  • Software to assess the utility of autofluorescence-based pulmonary optical endomicroscopy to predict the malignant potential of solitary pulmonary nodules in humans 

    Seth, Sohan; Williams, Christopher K. I.; Dhaliwal, Kevin; Bradley, Mark
    Solitary pulmonary nodules are common, often incidental findings on chest CT scans. The investigation of pulmonary nodules is time-consuming and often leads to protracted follow-up with ongoing radiological surveillance, ...
  • Spoofing and Anti-Spoofing (SAS) corpus v1.0 

    Wu, Zhizheng; Khodabakhsh, Ali; Demiroglu, Cenk; Yamagishi, Junichi; Saito, Daisuke; Toda, Tomoki; Ling, Zhen-Hua; King, Simon
    This dataset is associated with the paper "'SAS: A speaker verification spoofing database containing diverse attacks': presents the first version of a speaker verification spoofing and anti-spoofing database, named SAS ...
  • Superseded - Human vs Machine Spoofing 

    Wu, Zhizheng; Yamagishi, Junichi; Wester, Mirjam
    This Item has been replaced. Please see Wester, M; Wu, Z; Yamagishi, J. (2015). Human vs Machine Spoofing, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. http://dx.doi.org/10.7488/ds/258.
  • Superseded - Noisy speech database for training speech enhancement algorithms and TTS models 

    Valentini-Botinhao, Cassia
    Clean and noisy parallel speech database. The database was designed to train and test speech enhancement methods that operate at 48kHz. A more detailed description can be found in the paper associated with the database. Some ...
  • Visual and Linguistic Treebank 

    Elliott, Desmond; Keller, Frank (2014-09-04)
    The Visual and Linguistic Treebank is a data set of images annotated with human-written descriptions, object boundaries, and Visual Dependency Representations. The images are freely available from the Action Recognition ...
  • The Voice Conversion Challenge 2016 

    Toda, Tomoki; Chen, Ling-Hui; Saito, Daisuke; Villavicencio, Fernando; Wester, Mirjam; Wu, Zhizheng; Yamagishi, Junichi
    The Voice Conversion Challenge (VCC) 2016, one of the special sessions at Interspeech 2016, deals with speaker identity conversion, referred as Voice Conversion (VC). The task of the challenge was speaker conversion, i.e., ...