Scottish Election Results 1997 - 2009

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Title: Scottish Election Results 1997 - 2009
Data Creator: Hamilton, George
Date Available: 2009-10-06
Citation: Hamilton, George. (2009). Scottish Election Results 1997 - 2009, 1997-2009 [Dataset]. University of Edinburgh. EDINA and University Data Library.
Dataset Description (abstract): The dataset contains all national, European and by-election results for Holyrood and Westminter elections in Scotland since 1997. The results from each election are available in both CSV or XML format. For national Holyrood elections the data includes both the constituency and list counts. For national results, in addition to votes cast for each candidate or party, the XML format contains, where available, the name of each party leader. The results were compiled from the following sources: * The British Broadcasting Corporation - * Scottish Politics - the almanac of Scottish elections and politics - * David Boothroyd's United Kingdom Election Results site - (this continues the definitive work of Professor F. W. S. Craig, who compiled and analysed all British parliamentary election results from 1832 - 1979).

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