Clinical Sciences at Edinburgh has a long held international research reputation.

Clinical Sciences incorporates the Division of Health Sciences, the Edinburgh Dental Institute and several interdisciplinary research centres which aim to conduct world class research:

  • MRC Centre for Reproductive Health
  • MRC Centre for Inflammation Research
  • Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences
  • University of Edinburgh/BHF Centre for Cardiovascular Science
  • MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine

Sub-communities within this community

Recent Submissions

  • Analysis of 4 Cortical Parcellation Protocols 

    Mikhael, Shadia
    Software packages for cortical parcellation generally combine tools which segment the brain into various regions, or volumes, and provide corresponding measurements, or morphometrics. The results are used for volumetric, ...
  • LIMO EEG v1.5 

    LIMO Team; Pernet, Cyril; Rousselet, Guillaume; Gaspar, Carl; Chauveau, Nicolas
    Magnetic- and electric-evoked brain responses have traditionally been analyzed by comparing the peaks or mean amplitudes of signals from selected channels and averaged across trials. More recently, tools have been developed ...
  • LIMO EEG Dataset 

    Guillaume, Rousselet
  • SUPERSEDED - Reference segmentations of white matter hyperintensities from a subset of 20 subjects scanned three consecutive years 

    Valdés Hernández, Maria
    SUPERSEDED - THIS ITEM HAS BEEN REPLACED BY This dataset contains structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-derived data from 20 participants enrolled in the Alzheimer’s ...
  • MRI Variability in a Rat Model of Stroke 

    Milidonis, Xenios; McCabe, Chris; Macrae, Mhairi I.; Sena, Emily S.; Macleod, Malcolm R.; Marshall, Ian
    This dataset contains T2-weighted MRI scans of 21 different Sprague-Dawley rats that were subjected to permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion, as part of a study assessing the influence of gender in the progression of ...
  • Right eye retinal SLO image 

    Cameron, James; MacGillivray, Tom; Dhillon, Bal; Chandran, Siddharthan
    Scanning laser ophthalmoscope (SLO) high-resolution image of a healthy right eye retina, focused on the optic nerve head, and also showing the retinal blood vessels and macula. Analysis of the retina and blood vessels ...
  • Hippocampal manual segmentation 

    Anblagan, Devasuda; Deary, Ian; Wardlaw, Joanna
    When analyzing specific parts of the brain (here a region called the hippocampus, known to be involved in memory), it is often necessary to manually delineate these regions. The manual tracing here illustrates hippocampu ...
  • Serial serum AFP results for HCC free patients in HCC surveillance cohort 

    Bird, Tom
    Data used for analysis is related submission to PLOS ONE. Ethical approval given for deposition in publicly available repository by local ethics committee. Individual patients each have a series of AFP results (serum) taken ...
  • Serial AFP measurement in confirmed HCC cases 

    Bird, Tom
    This dataset was used in the work to define a Bayesian analysis of serial AFP fluctuations in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in order to improve HCC detection. It consists of all 66 patients whom had AFP ...
  • Brain Imaging of Normal Subjects (BRAINS) age-specific MRI atlases from young adults to the very elderly (v1.0) 

    Dickie, David Alexander; Job, Dominic E.; Rodriguez, David; Robson, Andrew; Danso, Samuel; Pernet, Cyril; Bastin, Mark E.; Deary, Ian J.; Shenkin, Susan D.; Wardlaw, Joanna M.
    We have developed seven age-specific atlases of T1 brain MRI from 25 to 92 years.
  • Archiving and Sharing Functional MRI data 

    Pernet, Cyril
    This document describes the file structure and metadata requirements followed in the collating of Edinburgh Imaging fMRI results and their preparation for online sharing, as at January 2016.
  • Archiving and Sharing Functional MRI data 

    Pernet, Cyril
    This document describes the file structure and metadata requirements followed in the collating of Edinburgh Imaging fMRI results and their preparation for online sharing, as at July 2015.
  • The human Voice Areas: spatial organisation and inter-individual variability in temporal and extra-temporal cortices. 

    Pernet CR; Belin P
    Abstract: FMRI studies increasingly examine functions and properties of non-primary areas of human auditory cortex. However there is currently no standardized localization procedure to reliably identify specific areas ...
  • IgM antibodies exhibit preferential binding to apoptotic and non-apoptotic nucleated cells 

    Hesketh, E.E
    Data set characterising IgM antibody binding to non-apoptotic, apoptotic and permeable murine/human thymocytes and murine erythrocytes. Methodology used consisted of flow cytometry, confocal and electron microscopy. With ...
  • A test-retest fMRI dataset for motor, language and spatial attention functions 

    Gorgolewski KJ; Storkey A; Bastin ME; Whittle IR; Wardlaw JM; Pernet CR
    A test-retest dataset was acquired to validate fMRI tasks used in pre-surgical planning. In particular, five task-related fMRI time series (finger, foot and lip movement, overt verb generation, covert verb generation, overt ...