Carstairs deprivation scores by CATT2, 1981, 1991, 2001

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Depositor dc.contributor Donnelly, Anne
Funder dc.contributor.other Other
Spatial Coverage dc.coverage.spatial Scotland
Spatial Coverage dc.coverage.spatial UK
Spatial Coverage dc.coverage.spatial UNITED KINGDOM
Time Period dc.coverage.temporal start=1981-01-01; end=2001-01-01; scheme=W3C-DTF
Data Creator dc.creator Richardson, Elizabeth A
Date Accessioned 2009-03-16T17:38:27Z
Date Available 2009-03-16T17:38:27Z
Date Issued 2009-03-16T17:38:27Z
Citation dc.identifier.citation Richardson, Elizabeth A. (2009). Carstairs deprivation scores by CATT2, 1981, 1991, 2001, 1981-2001 [Dataset]. University of Edinburgh. School of GeoSciences.
Permanent Identifier dc.identifier.uri
Permanent Identifier dc.identifier.uri
Dataset Description (abstract) dc.description.abstract Carstairs deprivation scores were used to measure relative deprivation differences between small areas and over time, as the scores are widely used and recognised (Carstairs and Morris 1989; Carstairs and Morris 1991). The Consistent Areas Through Time (CATTs, Exeter, Boyle et al. 2005) were used to provide a consistent geography between the 1981, 1991 and 2001 censuses, for ease of comparison. Specifically the CATT2 small area geography was use, giving 10,058 individual areas with an average population in 2001 of approximately 500 persons. Carstairs deprivation scores were unavailable for the CATT2 geography, therefore were calculated from raw census data. This also enabled a second set of scores to be calculated without the car ownership component (called Adjusted Carstairs hereafter), as car ownership is more of a necessity in rural areas compared with urban areas and can bias deprivation scores (Christie and Fonea 2003). Although unadjusted Carstairs scores have been used for national studies this was considered a useful opportunity to investigate how the car ownership component affected scores in rural areas. The Carstairs score is constructed from four components that have been shown to measure deprivation well (Carstairs and Morris 1989): 1. Overcrowding: the percentage of all persons living in private households with a density of more than one person per room. 2. Male Unemployment: the percentage of economically active males seeking or waiting to start work 3. Low Social Class: the percentage of all persons in private households with an economically active head with head of household in social class IV or V. 4. No Car: the percentage of all persons in private households which do not own a car.
Dataset Description (TOC) dc.description.tableofcontents Richardson_07_Carstairs_score_construction.pdf - methodology description. Richardson_CarstairsByCATT2_1981_1991_2001v2.xls - data file. GROS_2001_data.xls - data file. Variable_headingsv2.txt - variable names.
Language dc.language.iso eng
Publisher dc.publisher University of Edinburgh. School of GeoSciences
Relation (Is Referenced By) dc.relation.isreferencedby
Rights dc.rights Copyright, Elizabeth A. Richardson. Re-use permitted with attribution. See the suggested citation to this item.
Source dc.source UKBORDERS: Consistent Areas Through Time for Scotland (1981-2001)
Source dc.source 1981 Census: Small Area Statistics (Scotland)
Source dc.source 2001 Census: Standard Area Statistics (Scotland)
Source dc.source 1991 Census: Small Area Statistics (Scotland)
Source dc.source General Register Office for Scotland 2001 Census of Population
Subject dc.subject overcrowding
Subject dc.subject occupational classification
Subject dc.subject Census Areas Through Time
Subject dc.subject car ownership
Subject dc.subject unemployment
Subject dc.subject area deprivation
Subject dc.subject social class
Subject dc.subject Scotland
Subject dc.subject Carstairs index
Subject Classification dc.subject.classification Research Subject Categories::Social studies::Human and Social Geography by area
Title dc.title Carstairs deprivation scores by CATT2, 1981, 1991, 2001
Type dc.type dataset

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Richardson_CarstairsByCATT2_1981_1991_2001v2.xls 4.110Mb Microsoft Excel Download main data file in Excel
Richardson_CarstairsByCATT2_1981_1991_2001v2.csv 2.360Mb Text file Download main data file in CSV
Variable_headingsv2.txt 1.137Kb Text file Download variable headings (same as sheet 2 in excel data file)
GROS_2001_data.xls 5.977Mb Microsoft Excel Download additional data file from GROS in Excel
GROS_2001_car_access_data.csv 905.2Kb Text file Download additional data file from GROS (same as sheet 1 in Excel)
GROS_2001_overcrowding_data.csv 892.6Kb Text file Download additional data file from GROS (same as sheet 2 in Excel)
Richardson_07_Carstairs_score_construction.pdf 43.81Kb PDF Download Methodology document about construction of Carstairs scores by CATT2

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