The School of Health in Social Science supports and promotes learning and research across a diverse set of subjects: nursing studies, clinical psychology, counselling and psychotherapy, and interdisciplinary social sciences in health.

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  • Female identity threat and eating, 2015 

    Newman, Emily; Banas, Kasia
    Heart disease is the leading cause of death among men and unhealthy diets are a known contributing factor. UK policies such as front of pack labelling of food products and campaigns such as "Be food smart" are aimed to ...
  • The student diet 

    Newman, Emily; Banas, Kasia
    This survey aimed to establish what foods are typically eaten by students in the United Kingdom as preliminary information for later studies of gender identity and diet. Specifically, we aimed to uncover what foods were ...
  • Student ratings of food masculinity, healthiness and palatability, 2015 

    Banas, Kasia; Newman, Emily
    This short study provided groundwork for later research looking at the effect of gender threat on food choices. In this current study, a snowball sample of 128 university students residing in the UK were recruited ...
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome 

    Morris, Paul; Ferreira, Nuno; Gillanders, David; Eugenicos, Maria (University of Edinburgh and National Health Service (NHS), 2012-09-04)