School of GeoSciences


In the School of GeoSciences we explore the factors and forces that shape our world and environments in which we live.

We aim to understand the interaction between the Earth's geology, atmosphere, oceans, biosphere and human responses and roles in this complex interplay.

Our interdisciplinary research and teaching is built on strong core disciplines that include ecology, environmental sciences, geography, geology, geophysics, meteorology and oceanography.

We are organised into three Research Institutes:

  • Earth and Planetary Science

Geology and geophysics relevant to resources, natural hazards, earth dynamics, and the environment.

  • Geography and the Lived Environment

Understanding connections between people, society and the environment.

  • Global Change

Understanding of past, present and future changes in the Earth system through measurements, theory, and computational modelling

We also lead or contribute to a wide range of groups, centres and multi-institutional consortia. The School therefore has a very diverse research portfolio.

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